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Even if you doubt you have the creativity

(you do, I promise)

Ready to design spaces with *so much* confidence and clarity that friends literally ask you "who was your designer?"

Think I’m joking? Take a look at this…..

You caught that, right?

Fabulous transformations, amazing support and massive savings!

And I’m going to help you do the same….

Make confident and educated design decisions with total clarity and ease. Stop second guessing yourself  and start transforming your home.

Save yourself thousands of pounds shopping like a professional with trade discounts and all the secrets and savvy knowledge that will put money back in your pocket.

Confidently design a home that looks like you want….. feels like you want…. and has that welcoming wow factor you’ve been searching for?

Hey there, I'm Natalie Gisborne.

I’m an interior designer, a showroom owner and design cheerleader helping women design gorgeous homes for their families to create treasured memories. I’ve been working in the interiors industry since 2010. 

Prior to training as a professional designer, I experienced how overwhelming, frustrating and expensive it can be designing your own home without the right knowledge and support.

After a decade spent creating beautiful homes, dealing with design dilemmas, sourcing products, searching for suppliers and helping so many families…. I know what works.

I’ve created the HomeEnvy Bootcamp to give you a practical step by step framework to follow to show you exactly how to design your dream home in just six weeks.

See you inside?

Before we’re popping the fizz, let’s back it up a bit….

I was once where you are this very second.....

I haven’t always been in the design industry, I haven’t always designed homes, and actually right back at the beginning, I didn’t have a clue!

The first apartment I designed with my boyfriend (husband) way back in 2006, well it ended up nothing at all like I hoped it would.

I had confused colour combos, a mish-mash of design styles, rooms were half finished because I’d run out of money. #PinterestPalace #eBayBudget

I struggled to bring it together effectively. Winging it proved to be such a waste of time, energy and money....


#PlotTwist... The highly regarded professional design qualification was the most abstract two years of my life.

Whilst packed full of some great theory stuff, it contained no real practical process that would take you through all the steps, in the right order to get confidence and clarity.

The following 3 year mentorship, now that’s where I learned ALL the good stuff. The things that actually need to be a designer and find your designer’s eye and well, it changed my life.

So that's why I've created HomeEnvy Bootcamp to combine the abstract with the technical, the practical with the processes and the perks with an 'out of this world' level of support.....

Part education, part design studio, part personal design team, part purchasing powerhouse.​

Get total confidence, bucket loads of clarity, serious savings to stop second guessing yourself and start transforming your home.

Here is some of what has been created with HomeEnvy Bootcamp

Not only is this my passion and profession, I’m walking the same path as you ….just 10 years ahead. 

I’ve completely renovated my Edwardian home, taking it from in need of some serious TLC to modern masterpiece. 

(#Reno’s I’m here for you, I understand your pain.)

And here is what some of our amazing Bootcamp members have overhauled, updated and created....

And now I want to help you do the same....

Ready to get your hands on the most popular home design framework that helps you get complete confidence and clarity in your design decisions whilst saving you so much money?

No more winging your design schemes (only your eyeliner)



HomeEnvy Bootcamp is my easy to implement step by step process for finding your design superpowers and creating your dream wow-factor home in just six weeks

Are you ready to cry happy tears over your beautiful room designs (even if you're still finding your designers eye) and feel as comfortable and confident as these gorgeous souls....

Here's what's waiting for you inside HomeEnvy Bootcamp

Module 1 - Planning

Module 2 - Lighting

Module 3 - Style

Module 4 - Colour

Module 5 - Finishes

Module 6 - Styling + Project Plan

But wait.... There's more.

Did someone say bonuses??

In addition to the entire HomeEnvy Bootcamp framework, I’m also going to throw in 5 new bonuses to help you design your home much more easily and way more inexpensively.

Bonus 1 - Trade Accounts

Bonus 2 - Support Team

Bonus 3 - Design File Library

Bonus 4 - Superb Supplier + Terrific Trades

Bonus 5 - Moodboard Masterclass

HomeEnvy Bootcamp is my easy to implement step by step process for finding your design superpowers and creating your dream wow-factor home in just six weeks

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If you’re not completely happy with your purchase in 7 days, we’ll gladly refund every penny you’ve paid for it.

Buy it, try it, apply it. You’re backed by our 100% money back guarantee.

"Proven framework" has become a bit of a buzzword, but I'm not BS'ing over here



If you want to get similar things, don’t waste another second on the spiral of self doubt falling down the Pinterest scroll hole.

Let us help you design your dream home so much easier, cheaper and faster.

HomeEnvy Bootcamp
was created for you

You’re an action taker tackling your own interiors and doing it your way because no one knows you better than you. 

Regardless of the type of project and what you’re working on, HomeEnvy Bootcamp will help you if you are:

4 walls and a roof? We're good to go!
Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll get access to everything immediately after you purchase, including:

  • 7 expert masterclasses
  • Instant trade accounts
  • Support group and access to design team for ALL your questions.
  • Trade + supplier directories
  • Design file library of over 18 months worth of weekly designs.

The step-by-step HomeEnvy Bootcamp is for anyone that would like to learn how to create beautiful designs in your home…. If you’ve got 4 walls and a ceiling, you’re good!

The Facebook group is the best place to get advice and support, because all of our members and the professionals can chip in with suggestions to help you.

Remember that our group is full of people that have walked the same path as you, so there is always someone that will know how to solve your problem or help with your dilemma. 

The group is a rich resource with over two years worth of home design questions, totally priceless bank of information for you to access.

Of course! We’d love you to join us. HomeEnvy Bootcamp is 100% online so you can access it whenever it suits from anywhere in the world!

The 6 week HomeEnvy Bootcamp program, may be enough for you to blaze your own interiors trail and fly solo on your home designs.

You get LIFETIME ACCESS to all the materials, masterclasses, workbooks, checklists, templates, downloads, big black books, style files, colour palettes and PDF’s and resources, but access to support group + trade discounts ends.

If you do feel you would benefit from additional support form the design team, or you’d like to keep your trade accounts, you can become and ongoing monthly member of HomeEnvy for a tiny monthly fee (currently £27), but we understand not everyone will want continued support/savings, so there is no pressure.

It’s your call, depending on what level of support you need, all homes, people and projects are unique.

Absolutely! If you’re not 100% satisfied with the course, the templates, or the bonuses before 7 days, and you’ve shown us that you’ve used the resources, we’ll give you a refund.

Take the full 7 days to explore the materials and experience the vibe of the HomeEnvy Bootcamp and then…..Make a decision using the information you have, rather than the information you don’t.

So much! If you love being inspired, feasting on beautiful designs, chatting to home lovers that are all walking the same gorgeous home design path…. The you’re going to LOVE it!

Our members are now friends, and we can’t wait to welcome you the the family


HomeEnvy Bootcamp is my easy to implement step by step process for finding your design superpowers and creating your dream wow-factor home in just six weeks