Whoa there, winging it home designer!

READY to create the home of


You want to create a beautiful home that looks and feels like you, but you’re struggling to bring it all together. 

You’ve wasted time, energy and money trying to design your home, but feel underwhelmed with how it looks.

You’re stuck, overwhelmed and losing your mind with all the options and endless decisions, where do you even begin? 

Right Here, My Friend. Right Here.

Let’s just take a sec to look at #InspoOverload…

Pinterest Paralysis Is REAL.

Too much inspiration…leads to too much overwhelm. Any decision becomes impossible. And after ALL that wasted energy, time, and money…

You’re still stressed + struggling and living in a home that doesn’t feel like you!


Interior design is not only an art, it’s also a science.  If you don’t have the key ingredients, you’re heading for lacklustre and lifeless linguine, my friend.


Making the wrong decisions, costs you more than money. It damages your confidence and every decision becomes impossible as you head for the ‘self-doubt spiral of sabotage!’ 

After helping hundreds of people discover their design superpowers, I’ve discovered the secret home design sauce…

A blueprint to help you design your home easier and faster! 

I’m on a mission to help others just like you get complete clarity, save a ton of money, remove all the design and decision overwhelm… And create a GORGEOUS HOME!

My Story

I’m Natalie Gisborne, macaron addict with a weakness for anything French. I’ve been working professionally as an interior designer since 2010. 

But it didn’t start this way. The first home I designed…  a small apartment I’d bought with my boyfriend in 2006 (*husband). 

I made bad choices (not him) and stupid design decisions, and ended up being totally underwhelmed with how it looked. 

Fast forward a number of years, and a decade of on the job training, a mentorship, a qualification and the amazing chance to work with hundreds of beautiful clients, schemes and homes…

I’ve discovered exactly why I’d found it SO difficult, and exactly what steps to take to create a beautiful home, without wasting your life at design school.

I’ve broken down the complicated (and often abstract) design process into a fun, easy, step-by-step system and process that ANYONE can follow to create a beautiful home.

Imagine waking up every day and being so grateful to walk around

your stunning home that you’ve confidently created

More Happiness + More Harmony…

Just imagine!

Get ready to discover your design superpowers!

You’re about to save yourself so much time + money! Knowing your style, knowing where to shop, knowing what to buy! Bye-bye returns, bye-bye frustration, bye-bye interiors overwhelm. 

Hello your GORGEOUS HOME! 

Are you ready?!

… For more confidence in your decisions, more money in your pocket and designing your home with so much more ease?


“I have the creativity to design a beautiful home!”


The HomeEnvy Bootcamp


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6 Practical HomeEnvy Expert Masterclasses

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BONUS: 6 Weeks Trade Discounts

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BONUS: 6 Weeks of Support

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BONUS: 6 Weeks Design File Library

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BONUS: ‘Superb Suppliers’ Big Black Book

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BONUS: ‘Terrific Trades’ Big Black Book

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BONUS: ‘Moodboard Mastery’ Masterclass

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BONUS: Moodboard Templates

7 Masterclasses

The HomeEnvy Bootcamp is the first of its kind

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We not only teach you all the fundamentals of interior design in 7 expert masterclasses so you can confidently approach designing your home, we also give you your team of interior designers to help you with your designs right in your home.

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We’ll be in your living room (virtually, don’t panic). We’ll be helping you pick colours with ease and clarity. We’ll be helping you find the perfect finishes that will suit your home (and dog/child/hobby*). We’ll be solving your design dilemmas for that living room that’s given you a headache for years. We’ll be helping you save money and stretch your budget beyond recognition.

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We’ll be removing all your indecision and overwhelm and help you start to make progress, boosting your designs and increasing your confidence. You’ll be stepping away from Pinterest paralysis and walking towards confident clarity.

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We’ll be cheering you on, room after room, until you’ve designed a home that’s perfect for you and your family.

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Its essential interior design knowledge, interior designers in your pocket, and an AMAZING community of design BFF’s all doing the same in their homes. #InspoOverload

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We'll give you access to our TRADE ACCOUNTS where you can save around 20% on items for your home. Paint, wallpaper, fabric, lighting, flooring, bathrooms fittings, tiles at major brands. A few rolls of wallpaper and a couple of tins of paint would cover your investment in the Bootcamp! Money back in your pocket #Kerching!

One. of. a. kind.

What’s Included?

You’ll learn how to create the perfect layouts for your whole home, with beautiful flow and a fabulous feeling!

We walk you through the key things you need to consider at the start of designing every room.

Get started and unstuck in an instant, figuring out EVERYTHING you need to know about you and your home! You’ll walk away with both a digital and hand drawn design of you room, perfectly planned.

Turn sterile into sumptuous and create the perfect haven with the right mood and feel in every corner of your home with perfect lighting designs!

We’ll breakdown the complex calculations and give you your own workbooks, and checklists to create a gorgeous lighting design in your home. 

You’ll understand what lighting, how much lighting even where to perfectly position all your lighting, and you’ll get all the lighting tricks so that your home sparkles exactly how you’d like it to.

You’re going to learn how to easily figure out your design style to create a home that suits your unique STYLE.

Learn how to nail your design style so that you never make a risky purchase mistake again. We’ll show you how to shop in a stress-free way.

You’ll get your very own style files, and know exactly where to shop, what to buy, and where to head for inspiration. We’ll also give you all the ways you can combine styles with ease.

Ready to step away from vanilla and get your colour courage on?

We’re going to show you how to work with colour like a professional… You’re going to get all the colour confidence! 

You might be a Neutral Nina, or a Bold Betty, regardless you’ll get colour courage to create colour schemes that suit you!

With workbooks, checklists, and cheatsheets, with our very own colour design bibles, you can simply plug and play perfect colour recipes to save you energy and effort… Or design your own with true confidence.

Once you’ve learnt all the design essentials and rules, finishes is where we show you how to break them and create a home that truly reflects you! 

This in-depth masterclass is so big it’s packaged into two trainings. Get the lowdown on all the options and choices, from the floor through to the ceiling so that you can confidently create a room with true knowledge and understanding for you.

Then you’ll get creating your schedules as we start to develop the design.

Bringing it all together is where most people struggle… But struggle no more. In the styling masterclass you’ll get all the secrets to bringing your room together for a polished feel.

And you’ll get all the skills to plan your project like a pro. We’ll give you timeline templates and schedules so that you can stay on budget, organised and stress free, knowing exactly what will happen when.

Cool as a confident cucumber!

Did someone say Supplier Discounts??

We’re not kidding when we say the HomeEnvy Bootcamp literally pays for itself!

We give you access to ALL our trade accounts and partner connections to get you savings of normally around 20% on your home designs. 

Save on paint, wallpaper, lighting, furniture, fabrics, bathroom fittings, flooring…. And if a place you want to save at isn’t listed just ask us and we’ll open an account for you! #BudgetBoosting #ItAllHelps

And thousands more!

Join us today and start saving!

The HomeEnvy Bootcamp


We’ll show you how to design like a pro, how to tap into your creativity, and step-by-step how to design your dream home.

Whether you’re an interiors addict, a design dabbler or completely clueless…. we’ll show you how to get there easier, faster and more cost effectively…If you’ve got 4 walls and a roof, we’ve got you!

Check out these incredible bonuses
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We’re not kidding when we say the HomeEnvy Bootcamp literally pays for itself! We give you access to ALL our trade accounts and partner connections to get you savings of normally around 20% on your home designs. Save on paint, wallpaper, lighting, furniture, fabrics, bathroom fittings, flooring.... And if a place you want to save at isn't listed just ask us and we'll open an account for you! #BudgetBoosting #ItAllHelps

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Get a full 6 weeks support from the designers and the community with access to our exclusive Facebook community where you can get all your dilemmas solved and sorted. You can tap into decades of knowledge on projects, products, suppliers. Get inspired by your new design BFF’s and see what everyone is working on…. In a safe, none judgemental space!

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Get 6 weeks access full ‘done for you’ interior design schemes, including all the items you need to completely design a room in your home…. From the floor to the ceiling. You’ll also get instant access to our library of schemes covering all design styles!

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Not sure where to being with finding fabrics, wall-coverings, rugs, carpets and things you might need for your home designs? The mighty 25 page Interiors Black Book will give you over 150 names for your black book covering all budgets and design styles!

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Once you’ve got your style figured out, you’ll need some help bringing your ideas to life. The massive 57 page Terrific Trades Directory will give you over 300 reputable and highly rated curtain makers, upholsterers, decorators and carpet fitters covering all of the UK.

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The essential skills for creating digital Moodboards (with super easy, medium and more advanced software options). Learn how to use more advanced features so images take on a shape (and so does your room!) How to create a custom colour palette, and learn how to skilfully edit your Moodboards for a professional result to convey your vision, great for convincing the hubs!

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We’ve also got a set o moodboard templates that you can use for your designs. Simply drag and drop your ideas for inspiration in an instant. Keep them with you on a phone or tablet and you have your design with you when you’re out and about. Very handy for seeing if an item might work with your scheme.

Meet your support team



With over 30 years’ experience in residential interiors, Julie has spent the last 17 years running a successful design studio and creating exceptional spaces for ecstatic clients.


Wallpaper, Fabric + Paint



Gintare is a 3D Visualiser working with designers globally and turning their design ideas into photorealistic 3D Interior Design Renders.


Space Planning, Architecture and 3D Visualisation



A talented Interior Designer who heads up her own design, styling and restoration business, HomeHouseHome. Krystina studied at the BAID. She tackles every project with style and endless creativity.


Colour & pattern, mixing old with new, bringing ‘fit for the tip’ to life again.

Love Notes

Here’s what our members think

I just wanted to say how thankful I am that I’ve found HomeEnvy! After moving homes from a modern apartment to a period property, I was struggling to make it all work together. HomeEnvy has helped me combine my love of Scandinavian design with the period features of my home and helped me work it all out… It’s so simple when you know how. I’ve been so excited to start designing my home, instead of worrying I was going to make mistakes. Thanks so much!”



“After moving into our forever home I was desperate to try and create a gorgeous home and get away from the sterile feeling we’d had in our previous home. Loving so many things I was always pulled in different style directions, but the style files have made it so much easier to work out and now I understand how to combine it all. I’ve discovered stuff I’ve not read elsewhere, and other things were made so much clearer. It’s been so much fun and now I know exactly where to look for inspiration and where to shop for everything. I’ve saved so much time. Love it”



The HomeEnvy Bootcamp Saved Them Time, Money & Whole lotta’ Stress

They’ve created gorgeous homes, the easy way, and saved on their homes designs too…

HomeEnvy has paid for itself in decades of knowledge to get your home designed easier and cheaper…. And with so much more fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

The step-by-step HomeEnvy Bootcamp is for anyone that would like to learn how to create beautiful designs in your home…. If you’ve got 4 walls and a ceiling, you’re good!

As soon as you signup you will get access to the masterclasses, the library of design files, and to the Facebook group to get all your questions answered.

The Facebook group is the best place to get advice and support, because all of our members and the professionals can chip in with suggestions to help you.

Remember that our group is full of people that have walked the same path as you, so there is always someone that will know how to solve your problem or help with your dilemma. 

The group is a rich resource with over two years worth of home design questions, totally priceless bank of information for you to access.

The HomeEnvy Bootcamp, may be enough for you to blaze your own interiors trail and fly solo on your home designs. You keep all the materials, workbooks, checklists, templates, downloads, big black books, style files, colour palettes and PDF’s and resources, but access to support group ends.

If you do feel you would benefit from additional support form the design team, you can become and ongoing monthly member of HomeEnvy Members Club for a tiny monthly fee, but we understand not everyone will want continued support, so there is no pressure…. It’s of course your call, depending on what level of support you need.

When you join you’ll get full access to the library of design files, with over a years worth of content to inspire amazing creations for your design style.

During the 6 weeks you will get a new design file every week, after the 6 weeks we’ll stop sending these to you and design file access ends. But you can of course keep the files you’ve downloaded! 

After the 6 weeks you can become an ongoing monthly member of HomeEnvy Members’ Club and get continued access to support and the design files for a tiny monthly fee.

Absolutely! If you’re not 100% satisfied with the course, the templates, or the bonuses before 7 days, and you’ve shown us that you’ve used the resources, we’ll give you a refund.

Take the full 7 days to explore the materials and experience the vibe of the HomeEnvy Bootcamp and then…..Make a decision using the information you have, rather than the information you don’t.

So much! If you love being inspired, feasting on beautiful designs, chatting to home lovers that are all walking the same gorgeous home design path…. The you’re going to LOVE it!

Our members are now friends, and we can’t wait to welcome you the the family


Join us and start saving!